Sunday, April 15, 2007


She still lives.

Busy, busy me! Lots has been going on lately, and sadly to say there's not been a lot that I've been willing to write down, because it's not ready to be written yet...

I know it sucks for blog fodder, for you guys, and I'm sorry.

April 20th brings about the return of the Wiggler!?!, visiting his REAL hometown for a couple of days. I think Miss Ultrahonig, (the lovely Allison) and I plan on going out with Mr! Erik for dinner... I think. I'll need refreshment on the discussion. I think it's time to send out an email...

I've inducted Cliff into the addictiveness/triviality/internet cesspool that is Myspace, and hes got a whole 8 friends! Yay Cliff! I think a majority of my friends discovered Facebook at exactly the same time, from the looks of it, since we all started adding one or two friends over the past week.

I am learning more hockey knowledge than I know what to do with, now that I live with a hockey fan whose hometeam is in the playoffs. I learn it so that I don't look absolutely dumbfounded when he lists off a bunch of players names, or curses at the referee from the living room. I think I've outgrown the age where I can be sufficiently addicted to the sport known as hockey, which makes me a piss poor Canadian, doesn't it?

I've bounced back to my old job, finding that benefits, (given certain circumstances) play a more important role in my life at this moment in time, and the overall comfortability (is that a word? I don't think it is... Whatever.) of my position to be more suited to my desires.

Today's dinner special consists of Chili on a bed of rice, with a non-sardine inclusive Caesar salad and a glass of whole milk. Mmm. I'm hungry.