Saturday, March 24, 2007

Digging Through My Bookmarks....

Uncovers three different web comics that have snagged valuable hours from my life, when I discover them, giggle, and then decide to read the entire thing from the first strip.

Danielle Corsetto's fantabulous "Girls with Slingshots" I got a message from "Jaime" on myspace a couple of weeks ago asking if I was her twin. (I grinned my fool head off and replied that my boobs weren't nearly that big, but that I was flattered she'd see the similarities.)

Paul Taylor's multicultural and crazy plot twisting "Wapsi Square" took two nights after work to browse through his entire 2001 to 2007 strips, but it was well worth the read and lack of sleep with the references to ancient mayan/aztec cultures, mixed in with modern life and the depths and heights of human emotions.

Bernie Hau's clever and creatively done "Alien Loves Predator". How can you not like a comic that takes two of the most vicious creatures in movie-kind, and gives them names like Preston Predator and Abraham Alien (Abe, for short) with a penchant for speed dating, naked chicks, and Chinese Food in New York City, that had Jesus for a room mate? ALP has permanantly ingrained the Engrish term "Frip-frops" in my head forever.

Good stuff.