Friday, March 23, 2007

A Thought...

When Cliff and I were born, both of our births were greeted with sorrow. Granted those auspicious days were a little over 16 years separated from each other, and sorrowful for completely related reasons. Both encompassing the loss of a child.

His because he was "unwanted" (but never in my eyes, or his adoptive parents and sibling...) and given up for adoption. Not that I think any less on a woman giving her child up to someone else, it is a huge sacrifice, and one not made lightly. He was given unto the care of an adoption agency.

When I was born, my twin sister was stillborn. Needless to say amidst the joy of birthing a whole, hale and wailing baby girl, the loss of the first, I think, at that moment overshadowed the birth of the second.

I hope, that one day when I have my baby, nothing but joy surrounds that birth.